[VIDEO] Ohio State Ends Student Occupation With Promise Of Arrest And Expulsion, Uses Their Own Logic Against Them

A college university has taken a stand against a group of college snowflakes, and the move his garnered national attention.

It happened in Ohio State, when student members of the organizations #ReclaimOSU held a rally to call attention to what they perceived as a lack of transparency from the university in regards to the school’s dealings and financial transactions.

Photo Credit: Mitch Hooper of The Lantern

If you are thinking that the raised fist in the air is looking familiar, you would be right. It is the same gesture that has been adopted by the racist Black Lives Matter movement that has been sweeping the nation, and demonizing police officers.

Beyonce even used the gesture during 2016’s Superbowl half-time show in which she used her entertainment platform as a shout-out to the BLM movement, the Black Panthers, and Malcolm X. Because when you sit down to watch the Super Bowl, you are obviously wanting to hear about how the ‘white devils’ and police in the country are keeping the minorities down. Thanks Bey!

Rather than going home after the rally, more than two dozen students staged a sit-in at Bricker Hall, and refused to leave, long after the building was closed.

University officials showed up to explain to the student that they had a Freedom of Speech, but that their actions were unwarranted, and went against the university code of conduct. As such, they would have to leave, or be forcibly removed.

One of the students, unsure of what ‘leave or be forcibly removed’ meant, asked for clarification. The university official obliged,

“If you’re here at 5 a.m. we will clear the building and you will be arrested.

And we will give you the opportunity to go to jail for your beliefs.

Our police officers will physically pick you up, take you to a paddy-wagon, and take you to jail.”

It’s about time that somebody stands up to the crybaby college students who demand a safe space from anything that they disagree with.

Welcome to the real world, kids. Share if you agree with the university’s response.

Source: The Atlantic

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