Something Off About Lady Crossing Into U.S., Then Border Patrol Sees What’s In Her Panties

A woman entering the U.S. was in for a bit more than she bargained after her bus was stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint. Unfortunately for her, things would go from bad to worse as agents took a special interest in her before eventually deciding to search her – and even they were left shocked to see what was in her pants.

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It was a busy weekend for Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector of Arizona as they made quite a few arrests. However, Breitbart reports that one woman, in particular, stands out above the rest after what she was found to be quietly doing.

According to reports, a bus came through the Nogales Station, prompting the Border Patrol to conduct a typical search. As it turns out, agents took a particular interest in a 58-year-old Mexican national and decided to search her more extensively.

After receiving permission to bring the woman into a private room to investigate, they were shocked by what they found. As they searched the woman, agents discovered 2 pounds of heroin in her groin area that was worth over $60,000 street value.

Although it’s unclear the exact part of her groin where she was trying to hide her little income boost, it’s safe to say that she won’t be making any money and it actually cost her more in the long run. Sadly, that wasn’t all the action that Border Patrol got this weekend.

At another checkpoint, agents in the same area pulled over a 19-year-old woman in a car and searched it. Hiding in the trunk, they found a man, later determined to be a Mexican national. As a result, they arrested the man on immigration violations and charged the woman with human smuggling.

A man found trying to sneak his way into the U.S. (left), Sergio Garcia (right)

Of course, things didn’t end there as agents assigned to the Ajo Station arrested a group of seven illegal aliens after they illegally crossed the border. However, things would take a turn when they saw that one of the men was covered in gang-related tattoos.

Come to find out, they were speaking to Sergio Garcia, a member of the violent MS-13 gang. A record check further revealed that the illegal immigrant had multiple convictions in California for vandalism, evading a police officer, and multiple counts of contempt of court.

Four of Garcia’s traveling companions also have prior deportation records. All five will face charges for illegal re-entry after removal. A sixth alien is being processed for expedited removal. [Source: Breitbart]

If anything, this weekend shows why border security is important to our country. Although former President Barack Obama didn’t seem to mind drugs and murderers flocking into our nation, it seems that the new leadership is focused on the safety of U.S. citizens, as it should be.

People like this are going to stop risking being caught while driving through Border Patrol, which is why President Donald Trump’s intended wall is so important. The threat is real, and if this doesn’t prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt, then you’re probably too stupid to have a meaningful and intellectual conversation anyway.

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