Home Invading Punk Put Gun To Woman’s Neck, And Then They Realized They’d Just Made A Huge Mistake!

The Second Amendment has been a hot topic issue in America, especially considering the number of mass shootings that have been seen, at the hands of deranged individuals.

Hillary Clinton threw her name into the discussion by asserting that more guns would not make Americans safer. The former Secretary of State made the statement as she was completely surrounded and protected by a security force armed with guns.

However, stories have been regularly appearing in the news that, not only are guns, in the hands of responsible law-abiding citizens, deterring criminals who want to commit their crimes, in some cases they are actually stopping them.

A Tennessee woman answered a knock at her front door, and found two men on her doorstep. One of the men, identified as Nico Carlisle had a gun. After the door was opened, Carlisle, 22, forced himself into the home, and pressed his gun against the woman’s neck.

That’s when the woman, who has not as of yet been identified, turned the tables on her attackers. Using a handgun, that she had grabbed before answering the door, the woman opened fire on the bungling burglars, striking one, and forcing the other to flee.
Police arrived to find Carlisle suffering from multiple gunshot wounds that he succumbed to shortly after.

The second man involved in the home invasion has not been identified, but police are seeking any information that may lead to his arrest.

According to WREG News Channel 3, neighbors noticed the two men approach the house, but did not recognize the two individuals. Neighbor Jerome Foster said,

“I was here and I heard… seen some boys go over there next door, you know, trying to get up in their house, and I came to the door. That’s when I heard some shots.”

Though Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton seem to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens only makes matters worse, incidents like this offer anecdotal proof of just the opposite.

The majority of legal gun owners are responsible, and follow the laws that are already on the books.

Those who commit crimes, or who engage in mass shootings, are usually in a position in which they are not legally allowed to possess a firearm. How, then, will enacting more gun laws deter these criminals who are already ignoring current laws?

The truth of the matter is that the new “common sense gun laws,” as Hillary likes to refer to them, would do nothing to make the streets any safer. What they will do, however, is make it more difficult for a law-abiding citizen to own a firearm.

Imagine how the above home invasion story would have played out if the two young men had been dealing with an unarmed young woman rather than someone who utilizes the Second Amendment.

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