Hillary Loses It As ‘Close Friend’ Turns On Her, Revealing The ‘Sick Secret’ They Shared

Hillary Clinton’s various crimes are causing her former friends and allies to turn on her. In a shocking report, one of her closest friends is revealing their shared “sick secret,” which they tried to hide for months. This longtime friend worked closely with the Clinton campaign, and it seems that she is coming clean after months of speculation. Hillary is “losing it,” according to insiders.

Donna Brazile (left), Hillary Clinton (right) (Photo Credit: Paul Marotta/Getty Images, Screengrab/YouTube)
Allegedly, Hillary Clinton is freaking out and having tantrums after she learned that a close friend and ally had turned on her and is proving the Clintons should all be locked up in prison. Donna Brazile, the former Chairman of the DNC and contributor for CNN, shocked Washington, D.C., when she confirmed that Hillary Clinton was the one who subverted an election. Insiders in the Clinton camp say Hillary immediately wanted to threaten Brazile.

The former Democratic Committee Chairman Donna Brazile went on the record, claiming Hillary Clinton completely “took over” the DNC while Bernie Sanders was still vying for the nomination. That’s right, Hillary “took over” the DNC to make sure Sanders never got the nomination, and the fix was in.

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign took over the Democratic National Committee’s funding and day-to-day operations early in the primary season and may have used that power to undermine her rival Senator Bernie Sanders, according to the party’s one-time interim chairwoman,” reports Newsweek.

The report adds, “The DNC official, Donna Brazile, now a political analyst, wrote in Politico Magazine on Thursday that she discovered an August 2015 agreement between the national committee and Clinton’s campaign and fundraising arm that gave Clinton ‘control (of) the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised’ in exchange for taking care of the massive debt leftover from President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign.”

This is huge. It was suspected all along that the Clintons had total control of the DNC and were laughing at all the support for Bernie Sanders. This is “fixing” an election, this is “hacking our democracy,” and it’s everything the Democrats claim the Trump campaign did. It’s not shocking that Hillary and her criminal cartel did this, what is shocking is hardcore leftist Donna Brazile outing her. Remember, Brazile was caught giving Hillary the debate questions beforehand.

In May, The Washington Examiner reported, “Veteran Democratic operative Donna Brazile finally admitted that she used her former position as a CNN commentator to relay questions ahead of debates to Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary.” Brazile was Hillary’s good friend, so close were they that Brazile got those debate questions for Hillary, knowing it would be a huge deal if anyone found out. Hillary trusted Brazile would not “out her dirty deeds.”

So, why is Donna Brazile coming forward now? Washington insiders have hinted that the DOJ might be investigating Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal along with the 33,0000 emails she deleted. Brazile’s timing comes one day after President Donald Trump met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and it’s known the president was demanding Sessions start looking into Hillary’s dirty deals. If Sessions is doing this, we would not know. Those DOJ investigations are kept tightly locked down, so only those investigating know about it.

Brazile took over as DNC chair when a disgraced Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to step down after the DNC was outed by WikiLeaks as giving Clinton preference over Sanders. Brazile’s statement fills in the blanks, confirming it was not the DNC as much as it was Hillary taking over the DNC to make sure Sanders went away.

So, Brazile was privy to the one thing Hillary and her cohorts in crime do not want us to know; namely, the DNC was never hacked by the Russians. Remember, Brazile, as chairman of the DNC, was told by the Clinton campaign, who were controlling the DNC, to deny the FBI access to the DNC server. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has sworn he did not get the DNC/Hillary Clinton campaign emails from the Russians, and Assange put up a reward to find the murderer of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

This matters because the whole Russian investigation is based solely on the DNC claims that they were hacked by the Russians. If it is proven that the DNC was not hacked by the Russians, Robert Mueller’s witch hunt is over. If the DOJ is investigating the DNC and Hillary Clinton secretly, Brazile knows she better start coming clean. It is also possible Brazile has already spoken to the DOJ to save her own skin. However you want to look at Brazile’s confession about Hillary, she is definitely doing it for a reason. This is great news for all freedom-loving Americans who shouted “lock her up” at Donald Trump rallies.

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