Girl Forced To Reveal 5-Year-Secret After Doctors Make Shocking Discovery

A woman in Florida brought her 13-year-old daughter to the emergency room for a medical problem, but the doctors found an even bigger unrelated problem. Doctors in the emergency room stunned the mother when a routine pregnancy test for the girl came back positive. The girl admitted that someone had been sexually abusing her since she was eight years old.

The Pinellas Park mother was shocked to learn that her young teen daughter was four months pregnant. She was even more shocked when the girl told her that it was the mother’s live-in boyfriend who had been molesting her since the girl was eight years old.

The mother and child’s names are being withheld from the public to protect the family’s privacy.

Mark Philip Sutton, her mother’s 41-year-old boyfriend, was living with the mother and daughter for at least five years. Police were called and the girl reports that Sutton would touch the girl’s private parts over and under her clothes, and force her to touch his penis. The girl reported that he forced her into oral sex on numerous occasions, and forced her to have sexual intercourse.

Sutton’s abuse was ongoing over the course of five years. The girl said she never had sex with anyone except for Sutton, and says there is no question the baby is his.

Police arrested Sutton and he was charged with five counts of lewd and lascivious molestation, two counts of sexual battery and one count of capital sexual battery. As police continue their investigation, more charges may be coming.

No details have been released about the girl’s current condition or what her family plans to do about the pregnancy.

For many parents, it’s difficult to conceive of someone hurting a child, especially when it’s someone you know and trust. Children who have been manipulated and threatened can cover up for their abuser for years out of fear. Parents should know the signs of abuse and keep an eye on their kids.

According to, kids who are being sexually abused may become withdrawn, clingy, secretive, have sudden mood swings and outbursts of anger. Eating and sleeping habits may suddenly change, and nightmares are common. They may regress to younger behaviors, such as bedwetting.

Physical signs may include bruises, particularly around the genitals and the mouth, or being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

Young children may begin acting out inappropriately in sexual ways with toys and objects, or they may begin using new words for private parts that parents didn’t teach them. They may become distraught when a parent tries to leave them alone with a certain person.

Older children may experience problems in school, begin self-harming or run away.

Signs can easily be missed, so the best thing a parent can do, aside from being aware and present in the child’s life, is to develop a good rapport with a child. Even if it’s hard for you, try to teach your children from the time they’re young that their body is private. Explain to them that if someone made them feel ‘funny’ or ‘uncomfortable’, or hurt them in any way by touching their private parts, they should tell you. Be sure to reassure them that you would never, ever be mad at them or punish them if they come to you.

Source: Mad World News
Photo: WFLA, YouTube

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