Flight Crew Takes A Knee And Walks Off, Leaving New Orleans Saints Stranded On Runway

The New Orleans Saints made the mistake of once again disrespecting our veterans, our country and our flag. After an embarrassing opening to a game with the worst ratings in Saints’ history, the players and coaches learned that their actions have consequences.

Both the pilot and co-pilot of the Boeing 737 the Saints use to travel are combat-hardened American heroes. They flew sorties over Baghdad with Saddam’s best weapons firing back.

They fought with their lives for your freedom and watched many of their friends die. Today they took a stand for those brave souls:

“We couldn’t be a party to the disrespect. We waited until we were cleared and last off the runway for the night , walked out of the cockpit, took a knee and deplaned. They’re not going anywhere until tomorrow.”

Looks like the group of thugs should have just considered themselves lucky they’re allowed to make millions for playing a game and stood with respect like they’re told to do in the league rulebook.

This week was the worst week in NFL history for ratings. Next week will be worse.

38 Comments on "Flight Crew Takes A Knee And Walks Off, Leaving New Orleans Saints Stranded On Runway"

  1. Leanne Pratt | at | Reply

    Good for them!! Thank you for serving our country God Bless You!!!

  2. S Gordon | at | Reply

    FAKE NEWS. Per Snopes: Although it’s true that New Orleans Saints players kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality on more than one occasion during the early weeks of the 2017 National Football League season — including at a London game, before which the Saints kneeled and locked arms with members of the opposing team, the Miami Dolphins, on 1 October — the story about the Saints’ flight crew taking a knee in protest is pure fiction. (At the same time this fake news article was circulating, a similar false story spread involving television chef Gordon Ramsay and the aforementioned Miami Dolphins.)

    Albeit popular on social media, “news” of the purported incident was not reported by any credible sources.

    • Crusader 2012 | at | Reply

      and there are still people who still believe LIBREAL backed SNOPES, I don’t use them anymore they aren’t reliable.

  3. Maggi Mullennix | at | Reply

    Good for them!!!!

  4. david | at | Reply

    Thank you for serving our country. god bless. and as a vet i thank you for standing true to the brothers we have lost.

  5. Ramel | at | Reply

    Dumbasses would be fired!!! Fake story!!! As a Veteran of the USMC, I support the Knee!!!

  6. Great job flight crew. Don’t take those THUGS anywhere until they learn respect

  7. Good for them. Our country, veterans, need our respect for they are keeping our country free. The ones that disrespect our country should have to go and fight for our freedom. Maybe they would have a different tune to their voice. And for disrespecting our flag. No our country may not be in the best shape but what are you doing about? With this kind of attitude is not going to help our country.

  8. Bill | at | Reply

    It’s fake news. Learn to do some research.

  9. forrest | at | Reply

    Being a veteran Myself I thank You and respect You for Your action. The NFL players have freed up a lot more of my time to do other thing as i no longer watch them.

  10. marthabaley | at | Reply

    you are good GI’s thanks guys

  11. Paul | at | Reply

    Love it, way to go. Thank you for your service.

  12. Roy | at | Reply

    Amen !!!! Thank you so much for your service. I want to see anyone of these thugs that disrespect our flag go to another country and receive the benefits that they enjoy in the US. It is our Vets that give you those benefits !!!

  13. ELMA L COFFMAN | at | Reply

    Thanks to the pilot and copilot. For your service. and God bless you both

  14. Tom | at | Reply

    I personally am not going to watch the overpaid overstuffed players the rest of the season. To bad the players that show respect for our flag have to suffer.

  15. Bob Vivona | at | Reply

    God is Good God is Great. What Comes Around Goes Around. Take a Seat, Buckle Up and Wait you A-Hoe’s. Ha Ha Ha.

  16. Janis halsted | at | Reply

    At last,people with guts.thank you so much. Not afraid of a bunch spoiled divas.

  17. So glad they took a stand and what they believe bravo

  18. Johnny Oakley | at | Reply

    My hat is off to the pilots for standing strong? Great job in putting the players and coaches in their place. If I had a plane I would want you to be my pilots.

  19. Ann Smith | at | Reply

    Good for you! Thank you for your service!

  20. Dannie | at | Reply

    I can’t find any news online to support this article, where did it originate, and who reported it besides Road Life, I researched several sites, includes ones that debunk lies (snopes) and nothing came up. I have to assume this is fake news?

  21. PRAISE GOD !

  22. Thelma Green | at | Reply

    Thank you for serving our country and taking a stand!

  23. Dennis | at | Reply

    they should have flown them out of the united states

  24. Many heartfelt thanks for putting your lives on the line for my freedom… and for giving me a good healthy laugh after reading this story.

  25. Lonnie Tebaldi | at | Reply

    All of the players who chose to disrespect America and our Flag and especially our veterans, are paying the price now!Thank You Veterans!

  26. Kim | at | Reply


  27. Mike C | at | Reply

    They should have bailed out and lets the Saints fly the plane.

  28. Anh Benbrook | at | Reply

    We all need to boycott NFL .

  29. Ric Breitwieser | at | Reply

    Who the F is Road Life?
    Fake news.
    Be skeptical, people!

  30. Judy Pickett | at | Reply

    awesome, NFL going down along with the un american millionaires, We need the Vets& policemen more than a bunch of whining SOBs dishonoring our Vets, and policemen

  31. SAINT”S SUCK!!!!!

  32. Thank you for your service.

  33. Mrs. J. M. Diana | at | Reply

    Thank you for your brave service and showing these spoiled overpaid brats what it’s like to be a real AMERICAN. God Bless you for standing true to all who have lost their lives over many wars fighting for our freedom.

  34. Richard Dyott | at | Reply

    Maybe the terrorist supporting flight crew should take a knee to the face. Fuck the American flag and the terrorist it represents.

  35. R MacNaughton | at | Reply

    This apparently is fake. The real issue here is that maybe this is the way the NFL players need to be treated. Yes they have the right to protest and voice their beliefs but so do the rest of us. To make negative comments to those of us who do not appreciate the NFL’s actions is wrong. Today in our town we had the funeral for a real Hero who gave his life for our country and the freedoms that everyone believes they can use to show disrespect.

  36. Should have flown them to England.

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