Cop Walks Up to Student Section…Pulls Epic Prank That Leaves Them Screaming

During an Appleton East Football game in Wisconsin on Friday, students in the bleachers were unhappy when they saw a police officer marching into their section.

That cop was officer Jack Taschner, and he had no idea that he was about to become a viral sensation.

Immediately upon seeing Taschner, the students began to whisper among themselves. Then, he pulled a student aside and began to talk to him privately. At this point, the students began to boo and chant a police siren-like sound.
It seems like these kids have been watching too many Black Lives Matter videos. They were completely unprepared for what Taschner was about to do next.

Suddenly, the seemingly stoic cop dropped down into a squat position, surprising everyone behind him. Then, with arms out in front of him like he was driving a vehicle, he broke out into a dance and the crowd went wild. Watch the epic flash dance below.

The video was posted on the Appleton Police Department’s Facebook page where it has already been viewed over 2.5 million times. The caption read, “NO FUN ZONE? Just when it looked like SRO Taschner was breaking up the fun during the Appleton East Football game, expectations changed.”

Cop Walks Up to Student Section…Pulls Epic Prank That Leaves Them Screaming

According to WGBA-TV, Taschner loved being up there with the students.

“I got into it as much as they did,” Taschner said. “When I realized they were all doing it with me, I wanted to let it go on forever. I knew my legs weren’t going to let me.”

It’s amazing to see positive police stories like this one, because it throws a wrench into the anti-police agenda that the liberal media promotes. There are great cops like Taschner everywhere, who go above and beyond the call of duty. Police officers like Taschner are proud to uplift their community. Spread this everywhere!

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