Cashier Gives Note To Couple- Shocked By What They’re Asked To Do

Woman Touched By Young Couple’s Kindness Toward Deaf Whataburger Cashier

Kolbie Sanders and her boyfriend were famished and on a mission to soothe those hunger pains. That led them to the Whataburger down the street, but they found that things were moving a little bit slow. That prompted Sanders to take a walk inside to see what was going on. As Mad World News shares, she’s incredibly grateful that she did, as she witnessed something amazing.

While Sanders initially went inside because she was starving and wanted things to get a move on, she quickly relaxed when she realized what the delay was all about.

“That’s when I notice the cashier talking to a young couple in front of me. The girl ordered her food and the cashier just looked at her, smiled, and very faintly said ‘I am deaf, can you please talk slower.’ The girl lit up and said ‘oh, of course!’ and I heard her slow down her order for him. He still wasn’t able to catch on so he smiled again, and got a piece of paper and a pen for them to write down their order. They did so without hesitation,” Sanders shared on social media.

One by one, the customers calmly gave their order to the awesome cashier. While things move a little slower that night, no one seemed to mind too much.

“I’m sharing this for two reasons. One, because he is a deaf person and has a job. He is disabled and is able to work at a place that forces him to strengthen his disability by communicating with people daily. He is a special person that was given a fair chance at a job and does so willingly and with a smile on his face. THAT is utterly impressive and remarkable. Kudos to Whataburger alone for allowing this young man to work,” Sanders continued.

There’s plenty of kudos to go around here, and Sanders ended up walking away with more than a sack of food after her trip came to a close.

“And second, with how twisted the world is becoming and after seeing so many people bully others on a daily basis, I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to see these small acts of kindness demonstrated by so many different people. Seeing people forget their pride or their problems or even their hunger is something you don’t see often. But at the end of the day, it’s about others, not ourselves,” she added.

Source: Mad World News
Photo: Kolbie Sanders/Mad World News

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