Boy Severely Beaten At School- Parents Angry At How School Handled It

Parents Couldn’t Believe School Wouldn’t Call Ambulance For Their Injured Son

A teen in Oklahoma was brutally thrown down in class by a fellow student and beaten while the teacher took attendance. The teen was sent to the office and had sustained severe injuries, but the school didn’t bother to call an ambulance. Furious parents are demanding answers.

Tyler Mota, a 14-year-old boy from Oklahoma City, was relentlessly beaten by another student in a classroom. The teacher was in the room at the time and too busy taking attendance to notice the fight unfolding.

The young teen was found passed out on the floor in a puddle of his own blood. He had lost several teeth during the beating, some were penetrating his chin. His gums were severely damaged.

Instead of calling an ambulance, however, the school called Tyler’s mother, Michelle Mota, to come and pick him up. His mother worked 30 miles away. Because of road construction, it took her over an hour to get to her son. When she arrived, she was shocked by the extent of his injuries and that the school made the boy sit around waiting for her.

“When I saw Tyler in a wheelchair, I just kept shaking. I took him and rushed to St Anthony’s,” said Mrs. Mota.

She rushed her son to the hospital. According to the doctors, Tyler will be needing reconstructive surgery, and he’ll have to stay on a liquid diet for the next three months.

Tyler’s parents want to know how this happened, and why the school handled it so poorly. When the school called to report it to the Motas, they told them that their son was in a fight. That’s not what it looks like to Tyler’s father, Eugene Mota.

“I think it was more of an attack. A fight is pushing, punching, not busting somebody’s teeth like that with anger,” said Mr. Mota.

Michelle said the school had no answer as to why Tyler was denied medical attention for his serious injuries. “The only answer that the principal could give me is that the nurse said Tyler’s injuries were not severe enough for an ambulance, so I asked the principal how severe they’d have to be,” she said.

Eugene wanted to know why his son wasn’t given medical attention sooner as well. “They should have called EMSA right away. If he was passed out on the floor, blood everywhere, teeth in a milk carton, what else had to happen for them to call an ambulance?” Eugene told Oklahoma News 4.

The school district is currently investigating to see what went wrong. “We are deeply saddened and share the mother’s concerns in regards to her son’s injuries,” said a statement put out by the district.

Both parents are extremely disappointed in the way the school handled the situation, and they’re hoping the investigation will give them some answers. However, it’s doubtful that any of those answers will be satisfying.

“As a parent, you weren’t there to protect him, not there to make sure he’s okay,” said Eugene.

Source: KFOR
Photo: KFOR

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